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BarcodeSystem Package

Expendables(Heat tranfer ribbon, fabric) / Equipment(Printer, Head, Rewinder) / etc.

Premium Label Package

Care label / Main labe / Thermal tranfer label / Tag / label printing custom order
Tag String / Garment size markers / etc.

Security Label VOID Sticker

Tranfer Seal / Non Transfer Seal / Broken Seal / Custom Order

To avoid inconvenience to customers' business
We will become Tronics doing our best.

Since our establishment in 2003, we have been manufacturing and supplying trademark recognition products.
From the beginning, we have been supplying export labels and barcode label systems to Japanese apparel OEMs and ODMs.
is coming, and although it is not seen until now, it is at the forefront of exports with our companies.
I am doing my duty.

Since 2010, in line with the diversity of customers, worldwide sourcing and excellent partner manufacturers have been established.
We are making a company-wide effort to discover and revive customer needs.

Knowing what customers want in advance and leading cooperation

'It's a good company to work with!'

'It's a sincere company!'

'It's a company you can trust!'

We will research and work hard to become a company that thinks that

By investing manpower capable of sufficiently leisurely customer management for each customer company,
We will become a company that does its best to avoid inconvenience.

thank you.

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