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special sticker


When you want to create a feeling that cannot be expressed with existing stickers,

It is a special sticker that gives a differentiated publicity effect with a unique feeling.

About the adhesion of metal stickers

Many people are very anxious about attaching them to products that can generate high temperatures, such as car glass or home appliances.

Our metal sticker can withstand up to 209℃ with the adhesive strength approved by 3M, and it is a sticker with stable adhesive strength that can withstand 149℃ for a long time , so please feel free to use it.

metal sticker


What is a metal sticker?

A metal sticker made of a metal material to cover the area that could not be expressed with the existing paper material.

Various expressions are possible with logos, drawings, and photos .

ex) Logos of electronic products and various products, tuning stickers for vehicles, cell phone electromagnetic wave blocking stickers, etc.

▶How to attach a metal sticker

epoxy sticker


What is an epoxy sticker?

After 4 single-sided printing, pour clear and transparent epoxy resin on the sticker

It is a sticker that gives a convex three- dimensional effect .

ex) Stationery for various promotional products, fancy and decoration, unique sticker effect, etc.

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