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​transcription label

Heat Seal Transfer

" Transfer labels are made using special inks and design processes.
An [ Untagged ] label that is applied directly to clothing . "

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Characteristics of transcription label

Because the transfer label is directly transferred to the clothes, the volume is reduced.
It is widely used in the field of light clothing and sportswear.

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The advantage is that there is no objectionable point when wearing clothes,
​ It is used in various fields such as sportswear, baby products, and T-shirts.

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Characteristics of transcription label
Durable, elastic


The transfer label does not peel even after frequent washing.

Unlike printed labels or woven labels, it has excellent elasticity.

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​Especially for more stretchy fabrics like yoga wear.
​ The transfer label is processed without damage by using highly elastic ink.

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Characteristics of transcription label

In addition to the purpose of indicating information such as brand and size,
It is also widely used as a design element.

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Various designs are possible because you can freely express the color and shape you want.
​ There are also foil transfer labels that have a shiny effect.

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Artboard 3_edited.png
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Transfer label production process

In order for the transfer label to be properly applied to the garment, a professional transfer press is required.
​ We recommend that you test for adhesion and washability.

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bonding machine

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heat treatment machine

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press machine

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What you want from Tronics
We will create a transcription label.

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