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Current without RFID system


* When receiving inspection (quantity) and stocking, a large number of workers

  It is necessary and manual, resulting in high labor costs.

*At the time of sale, each agency checks one by one to ensure that stock is missing.

  there may be

*Returns or exchanges are handled manually by store staff.

  Lack of quick response.

After the introduction of the RFID system


* Using RFID system to manage warehouse stock at the agency, warehouse at the agency  

  and warehouse inventory management, store display product management, etc.


* Sales management of agencies and distribution stores, sales of set (top/bottom) products

  Improvement of management, repair history and return management.


​              with minimal manpower input

      Efficient management in the shortest time is possible.

RFID Logistics Management System Construction Process Chart

RFID Logistics Management System S/W Configuration

According to the analysis of the customer's needs, it is configured by customizing the RFID logistics management system.

RFID Logistics Management System Application Effect

manufacturing (production)

  • Reduced time to increase raw and subsidiary material management efficiency / Increase efficiency between work processes / Reduce production process management time

  • Reduction of production lead time / Increase of incoming and outgoing management efficiency / Increase of work order management efficiency

  • Systematization of real-time production management / Reduction of losses by eliminating error shipments

Distribution (distribution center)

  • Increase of incoming and outgoing management efficiency / Reduction of time and manpower required for incoming and outgoing inspection / Improved packing management accuracy

  • Increase the throughput rate by semi-automation of warehouse management / Increase inventory inspection efficiency / Improve inventory inspection accuracy


  • Increase of inventory management efficiency / Increase of sales and display efficiency / Increase inventory turnover through proper inventory management

  • Improving customer service

Consumer (Comprehensive)

  • Detailed product information inquiry / product production / distribution route inquiry / product reliability improvement

  • Loss reduction and time reduction due to increased raw and subsidiary material management efficiency

  • Sales increase due to increase in sales and customer service, etc.

  • Increase customer confidence in your products

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