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RFID Solution

RFID Solution is not a simple physical object, but an integrated product that combines software, hardware, and services .

We offer customized customizing for our customer base with Solution References secured from various businesses.

For imported luxury goods and used luxury goods shop  

                   RFID Total Solution

RFID system supply

(Combined product information management and theft prevention)

head office of the store

RFID encoding (product information input)

payment management

​ Delivery inspection

store release​

Delivery of purchased products

Purchase data transmission




Each store (1-N)

warehousing management

Delivery management

Inventory Management

sales management

Purchased/shipped products

rental products, etc.  

continuous management and


Comparison of RFID and Barcode Systems

Confirmation of effectiveness in actual introduced clothing brands

  - Reduction of inspection time and improvement of reliability between store and head office

  - High productivity

  - Cost reduction and initial defect rate reduction

  - Appropriate inventory management, use of product search function for seasonal returns

  - Cost reduction and recognition rate increase due to application of recycling tag

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